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​We Offer an End-to-End Solution to Selling Your Products Online

​Pioneer Retail LLC is a professional online retail company helping small to medium brands get access to the largest online marketplaces worldwide. Since 2018, we've been helping our partners develop unique merchandising methods, establish a strong presence, and apply effective advertising strategies to achieve a certain goal: to reach more customers around the globe.  
We are passionate about supporting clients in growing their business by connecting them with large e-commerce channels and providing maximum value to customers, which, in turn, drives revenue growth.  
Our primary services involve brand optimization, product listing, advertising, custom packaging, digital marketing, and map control. These efforts work toward improving brand value by capturing consumers in the digital space. 




Brendan has been involved in the e-commerce space since 2017. When the chance to join his best friend and begin the business journey they had always talked about arose, he immediately jumped at the idea and has thoroughly enjoyed the ride since. At Pioneer, Brendan helps lead the implementation of new projects, financial dealings, and general day-to-day problem solving as needed.

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Dan Glushko was the original founder of Pioneer Retail LLC and continues to be the lead role at the organization. He is primarily involved in business development, business systemization, and growing the e-commerce team at Pioneer Retail. Having developed his analytical and engineering skills at the University of Texas, he continues to focus on the development of the business while also having a keen interest within the space of mergers and acquisitions. Dan’s main goal is to create an organization whose main purpose is to help small and medium sized businesses gain ethical profits in today’s e-commerce landscape. 

Dan Glushko

Recognizing the emerging presence and dominance of online retail, the two founders set out to begin a venture of developing an online retail platform. Pioneer Retail LLC has entered its 4th year of operations. It is active in 6 online marketplaces and selling across 3 different countries. The company's main driving factor is to help small and medium-sized retail brands navigate the online retail landscape and helping them grow and expand.